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Everyone Loves a Parade

Okay guys...We're 9 days and counting so if you are planning to march in the parade this year I want to hear from you!

I would like to get some idea of how many ribbons I need to ask for when we register for the parade so if you plan on marching with YA LIT, please either comment on this LJ post, or send me an email at zeta0497@gmail.com, that would be great! See you all soon!

Please remember that if you're planning on wearing a YA costume, it is customary that you march behind the YA Lit banner. You are welcome to bring your own banners if you have a group that is marching together, but it will need to also march behind the YA Lit track banner. NEW THIS YEAR - there is no throwing items into the crowd. The city of Atlanta has actually mandated this. This is not our doing so no matter how small or harmless you think it might be, we don't want anyone to get hurt or in trouble.

Thanks guys!